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AIDS Spirit Montana


AIDSpirit Montana, a non denominational faith based movement guided by the Spirit, ministers to individuals infected with or affected by HIV/AIDS. We seek to raise the level of awareness and compassion for individuals with HIV/AIDS and to provide them emotional and spiritual support. Locally, AIDSpirit Montana provides friendship Prayer and support to people with HIV/AIDS and their families through such programs as: Partnership Meals Program Fundraising eventsChristmas gift program World AIDS Day Prayer Service Educational presentations Networking with other HIV/AIDS organizations such as Yellowstone Aids Project and Riverstone Health ClinicInternationally, AIDSpirit Montana through its fundraising efforts and sponsorship program helps to provide:Educational opportunities for children in Uganda and other Third World countries In 2012 we built a new home for 23 orphans and their caregivers. Access to food, clothing, shelter and medicines Clinics for Sickle Cell Anemia Patients Clean water by drilling a new bore annually in a remote location and providing Bio-Sand Filtrations Systems in villages with no access to clean water 


AIDSpirit Montana meets the second Tuesday of each month at 7:00 PM at St Pius Catholic Church in Billings.


Partnership Meals Individuals, families and restaurants provide quality meals that are delivered by volunteers to the homes of those affected by HIV/AIDS

Fundraising Events AIDSpirit Montana volunteers host a variety of events: 

  • Annual garage sale 
  • Sale of Hand crafted
  • African angels
  • Annual Appeal Solicitation
  • Speaking Engagements
  • Christmas Gift Program

AIDSpirit Montana collaborates with local churches and schools / universities to provide gifts those affected by HIV/AIDS

World AIDS Day Prayer Service

AIDSpirit annually sponsors an ecumenical prayer service in December in remembrance of those who have died and in support of those living with HIV/AIDS

Educational and Motivational Presentations:

  • Raise Awareness 
  • Recruit Sponsors
  • Recruit Volunteers
  • Raise Funds 

Locate resources for supplies, equipment, tools etc.

Ongoing Participation in community events:

  • Strawberry Festival
  • Harvest Festival
  • Pet Walk
  • Church Bazaars 
  • World Water Day

Networking with other HIV/AIDS organizations locally and internationally by providing support when and where needed


Educational Needs

AIDSpirit Montana encourages sponsorship opportunities that enable individuals (partner in education) to provide for the basic educational needs of a specific child. Sponsorship responsibilities include the following:

  • Provide financial assistance--$205 provides a child with food, clothing, shelter 
  • and tuition for an entire school year
  • Emotional and Spiritual support through prayer and letters of encouragement
  • Access to food, clothing, shelter and medicines

AIDSpirit Montana also provides food, clothing, shelter and medicine to other individuals in need, making certain that all contributions are placed directly or indirectly with those individuals who have the need

Clean water 

AIDSpirit Montana, through it’s partners and fund raising events, provides equipment, 

personnel, and other resources needed to insure safe drinking water including:

  • Life Filter Straws (A single straw will provide an individual clean water for one year) 
  • Bio-sand filters
  • Pumps
  • Well drilling equipment