Marissa Peters

Hi everybody my name is Marissa Peters and I am the lieutenant governor of Division 4. I am junior at Columbus High School. I am involved in many clubs, sports, and extracurriculars. Key Club has become a huge part of my life that I am very dedicated too. I joined Key Club when I was a freshman and was in Builders Club in middle school. I served as my home club's treasurer my sophomore year and now I am your LTG. Everybody who has ever joined key club wants to help. We all want to help in any way possible because that is what Key Club is about and with a group of people who want to help, the possibilities are endless. I am excited to be working with all of my key clubbers. When I am not focused on school or Key Club I enjoy the outdoors, reading, binge watching netflix, and spending time with my family and friends. My goals this year is to bring my division closer together and go back to the basics of Key Club, Caring. I want to bring clubs in my division and our district together to help each other and the world.



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Allison Onoszko

Lieutenant Governor Division 4


Hi! My name is Allison Onoszko and I'm your Lieutenant Governor of Division 4. I'm a junior at Columbus High School and am also the vice president of my local chapter of Key Club. Clubs are my hobby and I get involved in as many activities as I can. Some of the other clubs I'm in are Business Professionals of America, Pep Band, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and Policy Debate.  I've been participating in community service since I was in grade school, but my activity really increased when I became the president of my middle school chapter of Builder's Club. From this role, I acquired a drive to do more for my community and for others. My goals this year are to bring more Division 4 members to DCON, spark an interest in the clubs for AIDSpirit, and to have division meetings for a division event. My challenge this year will be to inspire more members in my division and have this inspiration lead to more involvement.