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Allison Onoszko

Lieutenant Governor Division 4


Hi! My name is Allison Onoszko and I'm your Lieutenant Governor of Division 4. I'm a junior at Columbus High School and am also the vice president of my local chapter of Key Club. Clubs are my hobby and I get involved in as many activities as I can. Some of the other clubs I'm in are Business Professionals of America, Pep Band, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and Policy Debate.  I've been participating in community service since I was in grade school, but my activity really increased when I became the president of my middle school chapter of Builder's Club. From this role, I acquired a drive to do more for my community and for others. My goals this year are to bring more Division 4 members to DCON, spark an interest in the clubs for AIDSpirit, and to have division meetings for a division event. My challenge this year will be to inspire more members in my division and have this inspiration lead to more involvement.