District Officers

The District Board is the body that represents the clubs of the District on a larger scale. We strive to unite the clubs through service and by planning both YC and DCON. The board consists of a Lt. Governor for each Division, in our case nine, the District Secretary, the District Techmaster,District Social Media Director and, of course, our leader the District Governor who also serves on the International Council. We are elected at DCON and serve until the next board is elected and installed at the Governor's Farewell Banquet.

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  • Governor: Spencer Thornton

  • Secretary: Katelyn Soliz 

  • Techmaster: Devin Livergood

  • S.M. Director: Connor Ford

  • LTG 1: Katee Orr

  • LTG 2: Gabriell Jones

  • LTG 3: Hailey Rasmussen

  • LTG 4: Allison Onoszko

  • LTG 5: Mason Hutchinson

  • LTG 6: Kayla Irish

  • LTG 7: Walker Perry

  • LTG 8: 

  • LTG 9: Terry Anthony