Ladder Ranks

Ladder Ranks and Points!


1st. Great Falls                     265 points

2nd. Skyview                        207 points

3rd.   Havre                           160 points

4th.   Frenchtown                 122 points

5th.   Florence                      113 points

6th.   Malta                            108 points


Ladder Points are accumulated by the club based on a number of criteria.  These include service project hours, meeting attendance, Kiwanis meeting and interclub attendance, attendance at Youth Conference, District Convention and International Conventions, on-time reporting, and providing club meeting minutes.  This information is taken off the club secretary monthly report.  The Distict secretary assembles the information, calculates toe points earned for each criterion, totals these points, and divides the total by the number of members in the club that month.  The result is the Ladder Points earned by the club that month.  These points are totalled over the year, and top clubs receive banner patches at DCON.